Sir Michael Rocks x MEMO

*Soundtrack to my life this year.*

Uve never posted a bad song. I refresh your page each morning. Have u thought of Dj'ing?

- Asked by Anonymous

Aww im glad you like it, i tried my hands on it back in the day, but im forced to play what people wanna hear so i didn’t like it, so once in a while mostly at like intimate small events for friends, i just set the mood and do background music.. But its not really something i do.

tell us 4 truths and 1 lie about you/your life.

- Asked by Anonymous

I’m a Sag.
I’m a vegan
On & Off relationship for 5 years
Moved countries 3 times

Shafindro!! Always loved your style wondered why u never blog yourself more. xx

- Asked by Anonymous

Aww thanks.

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